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Embracing our imperfections, a new stronger and unique beauty can be born.
Join Kin and Sugi in “Grandma’s Lost Treasure,” an extraordinary adventure that will captivate your heart. In their grandmother’s attic, forgotten dishes spring to life, sparking a mission to restore their beauty. Through the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, watch as broken treasures are transformed into magnificent works of art, their imperfections highlighted with gold.
This delightful picture book, rich with stunning illustrations, invites children to a world where flaws are not just accepted but celebrated. It’s a story that inspires finding beauty in brokenness and strength in what makes us unique

Grandma's Lost Treasure:

How Kintsugi Turns Brokenness into Beauty

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Meet the Author

David Huerta

David Huerta: Bridging Cultures Through Children's Stories

David Huerta’s life journey is characterized by his deep bond with Japan over 25-years, a country that has profoundly influenced his perspective and creativity. As an award-winning children’s book author, David is passionate about introducing young minds to the rich traditions of Japanese culture. His latest work, “Grandma’s Lost Treasure: How Kintsugi Turns Brokenness into Beauty,” encapsulates his fascination with the philosophy of Kintsugi, teaching children to find beauty in imperfection.

David’s experience teaching English and cross-cultural studies in Kobe, Japan, has been pivotal in shaping his storytelling, blending educational insights with enchanting narratives. In addition to writing, David co-founded a tech marketing firm and is a devoted father and husband, with a home life enriched by Japanese cultural influences.

Through his engaging stories, David Huerta aims to inspire children to embrace diversity and find strength in their unique qualities.
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